Conclusion on IHTCDP and HCBC 2017

On the night of the 4th of April 2017, IHTCDP and HCBC 2017 were concluded with the official dinner attended by the honourable Ministers, organisers, committees as well as local and international participants. Throughout the two-day event, our committed organizers ensured the workshop sessions and convention thoroughly benefit the participants.

The two-day event also marked an auspicious moment where the official launch of MABIMS and IHAB was officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, after his riveting speech on the imperative presence of a globalized Halal industry for Muslims. Through the united efforts of the organisers and attendees, it is hoped that the Halal industry will only grow to be a stellar and widely accepted industry for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

It is truly hoped that this year’s IHTCDP and HCBC have delivered its best for the goodness of the entire Ummah. If there were any inconveniences caused or discomfort during the event, we would like to extend our heartiest apologies. Your presence at the event has truly made the event more meaningful, and we humbly thank you.

May the blessings and mercy of Allah SWT guide us always. Until next year, in shaa Allah.