In 2017

Foreign Halal CBs Attended
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About The Convention

International Halal Certification Bodies recognized by JAKIM are institutions appointed by JAKIM to ratify halal status of raw materials, critical ingredients, meat and animal based products to be imported in Malaysia.

At the Halal Certification Bodies Convention, you will be able to meet up and engage with participating Halal Certification Bodies around the world including representation by muftis, halal auditors and relevant Halal authorities in the halal industry during the two-day program.

One of the focuses during the convention is to enhance Halal Certification Bodies’ understanding on Halal Standard Malaysia, with emphasis on Halal CBs’ roles and responsibilities in managing the halal certificates systematically in accordance to the Halal Standards. Another element to be put forward during the convention is strengthening the role of Halal Certification Bodies in global economy with special emphasis on e-commerce, mainly on the recognition of Halal Certification Bodies whilst strengthening the two-way relationship between Malaysia and International Halal Certification Bodies.

The Purpose of This Convention

  • To strengthen and promote the credibility of Malaysia as a leading Halal global;
  • To increase the International Halal Certification Bodies’ understanding on the implementation of the System and Halal Malaysia Standards;
  • To strengthen the capacity of International Halal Certification Bodies in the management of halal certification process and system;
  • To share Malaysia’s experience and expertise in the implementation of Halal certification at the global level;
  • To empower Halal certification within the global economy;
  • To resolve the latest issues relating to the technical aspects and Syari’ah; and
  • To strengthen bilateral relations between Malaysia through JAKIM with other participating countries during the International Halal Certification Bodies convention.